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Saturday, September 02, 2006

It's Friday

As a rule I love Fridays, the whole weekend to look forward to with no work till Monday. It doesn’t feel the same though when it’s the last Friday of your summer holidays.

Lots of bits and bobs to sort today and a last minute barbeque, plus more than a few beers. Hence the late and probably incoherent blog. A bit of a practice run really for a Saturday night gathering of a few friends. Seemed to go dark quite early today and pretty cold too.(soon be Christmas)

While out doing bits and bobs today, managed to agree with Carol (head of making dinners) on a new livingroom/diningroom carpet and floor coverings for the kitchen and bathroom oh and the hall. Mr Man is coming to measure up on Monday once Carol is out of bed. (About two in the afternoon)

Think that’s why the few beers went down so well. Not only will it be expensive but I have to take all the existing floor covering up, and make good dodgy floorboards.

Plan for tomorrow is to chill, Sweet home Chicago and Freebird on my CD player full volume and a good de-stress as I play along on my Drum Kit. Oh and friends later.

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