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Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Nice day in

Had one of those tidy up days today. Thought it would be a good idea while waiting in for a Parcel delivery firm to call and play Knock and run. The garage needed doing anyway, and they wouldn’t be able to sneak down the drive without me knowing.

I had managed to order a very expensive pair, or is it a set of BHD hair straighteners for Charlotte. Its back to school on Monday and she can't attend or even step out of the house with anything other than straight hair, and it has to be done using bhd's.. She's 15. Enough said.
Hope they are genuine. Bought them off the internet and was emailed by the supplier to inform me of the immanent arrival sometime today.

Would you believe it, delivered fist thing, no problems. Did the garage clean out anyway. Three trips to the tip and a grim discovery of a damp wall. I will put that on my list of things to do.

But Charlotte's happy.... well I think she is, She's 15. Enough said

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

No rest for the wicked

It's been in my car since Friday, and I knew as soon as I took my mums new lawn mower to her, it would be a busy day.

Going back a little, my mum decided she needed a brand new lawn. So my big brother John and I took up the challenge to get it sorted. I managed to purchase the toughest grass Ever. We laid the new turf in the recent heat wave and ever since it's not stopped raining, nor the grass stopped growing.

Last week, it was noted the grass had reached an impressive six inches tall, and was ready for its first cut. Mum suggested that although she lives in sheltered housing and the council maintains the lawn anyway, a mower of her own would be a good idea.

I’ve got a feeling either Lou or Andy from little Britain is based on my mum. " I DONT LIKE IT", was the response to a hover Hoover mower, light and easy to use. " I WANT THAT ONE". Hence the monster of a mower I took to mums today and had to drag around hers and one or two of her neighbors gardens. That’s after an hour putting it together.

Then came the request I always joke about, Do me a favor Dave while the lady next door is at the shops, nip out and trim her bush.

Well, with all the work done and a happy mum. A hug, a Kiss, and a can u nip and put my lottery on for me. No rest for the wicked.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In the last week of my holidays now. The first week flew by, and hardly anything achieved.

At home, the list of jobs on the go is mounting.

The Bathroom has been an epic task. Removing our bright yellow suite and pink tiles seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I remembered I am not a plumber, plasterer or tiler, but I like DIY, so I will give it a go. (That was in May)

On one of my many Power tool shopping trips I spotted another tool I really needed (as you do) a Laser Leveler, Handy for........... err.... Laser leveling. Wish I hadn’t. With three walls now tiled my new laser leveler would show me that my tiles are straight and will........... not meet and are not level. That’s going to slow the job down.

The Kitchen on the other hand is nearly finished. Just needs the floor fixing.
Had a word with Big Brother 1 Winner Craig Philips (perk of the job) "easy to fix.. Just lift up the floor joists and pack them". That’s going to slow the job down a bit. (Thats Charlotte from Turley Towers in the Pic)

I know I could get a carpet for the hall. It’s not had one for three years. Just needs the floor doing, decorating, and the jobs done.

Later maybe.... my beer is getting warm.

What took me so long

Well its finally here. Day 1. My first Blog.

Firstly I must say thank you for inspiring me to get off my butt and put finger to keyboard to an old mate of Mine Nick Margerrison, (I don't mean he's old)

let me explain. I am a bit of a technophobe, Nick on the other hand is a techno whiz.
Having worked with Nick at a Radio Station in Lancaster (The Bay 96.9FM) a few years ago, I thought it time to catch up.

On doing a web search for my long lost buddy and finding him in Sheffield (Hallam FM )doing very nicely thank you, came across this phenomenon called a blog.

The only problem being, I have been so nosy checking out his blog and finding out how to do mine, I have of course neglected to give him a call. (what am I like)

Started Day 1 a little late cos it was my son Peter's Birthday and we went for a pub lunch 3 humiliating games of pool. Where (I DON'T BELIEVE IT ) my son told me I had to get out more. He then proceeded to tell me about a couple sat near us. The Girl hardly looked old enough to be in a pub with this 40 something bloke with a porsche parked outside that go to Swinging parties. ( I DONT BELIEVE IT ) lost 3 games of pool.