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Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's about time too

Well it took nearly as long to do as it has taken to updating my Blog but I finally got around to doing it. How many times have you caught up with friends and ended up the conversation with " We must have a get together", or "Be in touch soon". A couple of weeks ago I managed to clear my diary ( of TV programmes and things I wasn't going to do anyway ) And made arrangements to go and see my old work mate Naughty Nigel ( and his family ) Being a bloke you tend not to remember dates and occasions but with the ever increasing use of platforms such as twitter and Facebook, dates are getting easier to pretend you have remembered. Nigel's wife Jo was one such occasion an I thought it would be a nice gesture to mark her Birthday ( Three weeks earlier) with a bunch of flowers and a Birthday Cake, because me and Carol like cake. And to make it special, I, would attempt to personalise it for her. On a side note getting to Nigel's is pretty easy but I took my Sat Nave to see if it came up with a shorter route. Which surprisingly enough it did. The funny part was hearing the sat nav call Nigel NIG EL, Funny to listen too but not funny in print. Anyway... Took all the ingredients of the Cake ( well the over sized Jaffer cake Cake and a tube of Icing, oh and a musical candle with Naughty Nige and the lads to the kitchen, while Carol and Jo were immersed in The Eurovision Song Contest on Tele. On reflection, being so late with the cake. I thought it would be a good idea to call it an UN-Birthday cake and proceeded with all the skill I could muster having sampled some of the contents of Nigel's beverage store. Cake writing IS Not one of my core skills. as you can see by the Video Nigel took as I was waiting for the click of his camera. That's why we call him Naughty. and here is the Video. Don't try this at home lol 

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