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Sunday, October 29, 2006


It looks like the DIY nightmare at home is at long last coming to an end.

Took the whole week of half term off work to complete the Bathroom, Hall and Lounge.
As always, things never go exactly to plan. Carpet for hall and lounge, Wednesday and bathroom flooring ....... Friday. TWO DAYS up at the crack of dawn waiting for fitters to arrive. NO TELLY, RADIO, SEATS for nearly 7 hours on Wednesday. New carpet looks great, however, the fitters removed a door, saying it had to be trimmed, and left it that way too. (not our job mate) ****ards.

Friday wasn't much better. Six hours trying not to go to the Loo. Spent the weekend putting away all the tools used over the past few weeks. Ready for a rest now.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Giant Pumpkins

For the 12th year in succession The Mere Brow Giant Pumpkin Competition took place at Brandreth Farm, Nr Ormskirk.

This was also my third time there as compare. The competition also helps out a nominated Charity each year. This year is the turn of The NSPCC.

Its a fun day out, and the pumpkins have to be seen in real life to be believed. This year, as last, I had a Pumpkin entered that didn't come up to size but that is partly due to not giving it enough love, care and attention.

What was a bit of a let down this year was a regular feature of the day was missing. Muck for Luck, (with a Duck). The Idea is a duck is placed in a small pen with a paper floor, on which is a series of numbers, each of which can be purchased for a sum of money. (for the chosen Charity).

I asked as soon as I arrived for the day of fun, the ducks whereabouts', only to be told "She wont be here........... we ate her............ What cruel and heartless ****ards. (Bet they hadn't she must have been at least 12 years old).

Anyway a good day was had by all, and my tiddler of a pumpkin came a respectable one place ahead of my workmate Dan's.

Check out the link below for more

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jane McDonald

I know,,,,, its Wednesday, and I haven't blogged for ages but our new carpet arrived today, and it was a bit of a rush getting everything ready for it. More on that later.

Friday started out to be a great day. Jane McDonald was to play the Southport theatre in the evening and had agreed once again to be a guest on my Radio Programme.

I have interviewed Jane a few times before, and have been to see a few of her shows. Last time around I took Carol, Charlotte and my mum too.

Our interview went very well, emails from all over England. (People listening on line). Lots of fun and a bit of gossip. I was even invited along to the show and arrangements were made to meet up with Jane backstage. (All very showbiz and exiting) Plus on this tour Jane is working with her mum. (two babes in one night eh)

As well as presenting my show, I have one or two extra duties. Friday is always the worst day of the week for one particular task. Especially if the member of staff who provides me with essential information from the HQ end wants an early dart. (Which she did after leading me well and truly up the garden path).

Hence a late finish for me and a very apologetic text to Jane for missing our mini date. Carol took it all very well too. It was to be our first night out together in ages, and she was all dressed up and ready to go.

Click on the link for a trip to Jane's website. (she's a loose woman too) on ITV 1

Saturday, October 21, 2006

They want my car back

Received a letter the other day from my local garage. It so happens that this particular garage are fans of my radio show and therefore think I am minted. Saying that my car is a cracker, so I suppose it's understandable.

There would seem to be a little problem with my gear box. As luck would have it the car is still under warranty. However this is the second time its been called in, my tyres are starting to get worn and the exhaust cant last much longer.

This was the most expensive car I have ever purchased. It was my intention to keep it in tip top condition and keep it for years. This feeling of pride didn't last long though.

Whilst doing my show one day, I saw on car park TV what I believed at the time, to be a minor bump in our car park. A staff member appeared to back into my car, get out to have a look then drive off home.

Must have been a total coincidence as nothing was ever said, a scratch did appear on my car but none on his the following day.

Called in to the garage today to book it in for the work, and while there, asked about trading my car in to start all over again.

The salesman knew me. How strange is that......... Not from the Radio but from school.
Isn't it a small world.

Fingers crossed he said he would sort me out with a good deal. Wait and see !!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mixed Emotions

Hasn't this week gone quick ?
Tuesday is my regular day to stop off at a Supermarket on my way home to get my Mum some bits and bobs, then off to her pad for some DIY jobs. This weeks job was a very wet lawn to cut in the dark.

I felt a little Guilty because Carol was at home with a Very Dead Gerbil. Akon (cos he was lonely) had made his last trip up his recently constructed gerbil staircase.
It was to be my job to dig the hole in our garden and bury him after conducting a short service.

He was the last in a succession of gerbils to live at Turley Towers
It was very sad but I didn't mind and I was getting used to trampling about in mud by this time.

Wednesday was a little bit of a dark day. Felt a little down really. House caked in mud, no gerbil and still not finished the house make over.

However A few things did help cheer me up. First was my mate Dan, (Dan Roach's Hits and Headlines Drive)
He had taken the time to write a little Poem about Akon and even read it out On Air for me, as he knew I would blubber. I would let you read it but I put it in the bin.

The second was in my dinner break. Had a quick walk into Southport Center and was recognized and approached by a female listener who said she loved my voice, and loved my programme. Hope It wasn't a case of mistaken Identity.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Knock and Run

Would you believe it? The amount of companies now playing the old kids game Knock and Run.
We had a call from British Gas to advise us they were to arrive to service our boiler sometime between 12.00pm and 6.00pm

Carol made the decision to spend most of the afternoon sitting in the front room. That way she would be able to observe all the comings and goings of the whole street. Remembering the boiler was in the airing cupboard and surrounded by towels she ventured into the bathroom to move the said towels to ease access to the boiler.

In what must have been two minutes. A stealth Gas fitter must have parked around the corner and hand delivered a card informing us of the fact that nobody was at home, and left a telephone number for us to call for a new appointment.

Carol instantly rang the number to protest at the sneaky antics of the engineer, and to ask for him to return to our address. She was told this would not be possible as the engineer was now on another job and unable to return.

Wow all this within FIVE minutes Sneaky and Quick.

The big surprise of the day, and quite remarkable really, was the Postman, he tried to deliver a registered letter whilst Carol was on the phone to the gas people. Talk about knock and run. He too left a note for Carol to let her know she wasn't in.

Monday, October 09, 2006


It seems like I have been locked in my bathroom doing one thing or another for months. Well at long last I can say Job done, and tick a box. (nearly)

Had the house to myself today because Carol took Charlotte to stay with relatives. Charlotte is starting a work placement at a hair sylist in Lancaster for the next two weeks, working alongside her big sister Laura.

With both of them out of the way I could actually work in stints slightly longer that ten minutes. We now have a fully fitted bathroom, Tiled and painted with cabinets and stuff. With fully fitted floor boards. Just need flooring now

Hall is done. Next Job Lounge.

We need to get this done quick because we have ordered a Carpet for Lounge diner and hall. All floorboards fixed apart from lounge. (and it needs one wall papering and the rest painting.

Had a tidy up ready for carol to have a paint. Moved my Drums into Charlotte's room (if she could only see it)

Finished the working day with a trip to the Tip and managed to trap my finger between a stack of left over tiles. Ouch that hurt.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Smile Please

Don't know about you but I hate having my picture taken. Today at work our boss had organized a mass photo shoot. It was a little bit like a visit from a vet to a farm with foot and mouth, only we would survive the shoot with just the dread of seeing the resulting pictures.

The Presenters and the Sales staff all clean, polished and pressed were to endure the same fate. What was good about today was the opportunity to meet up with the guys and girls who keep the radio station working throughout the weekend and evening . These are the members of staff who usually miss out on having to endure standing up against a plain white background staring into the lens of a very expensive camera until you go cross eyed, blink or have a strange facial twinge as your stomach muscles cave in and let it all sag out.

Still we have the new pictures to look forward to, oh what joy. How fat will I look, did I squint blink, sag ?. And what or who is going to appear in place of the Blank screen.

Anyway you will be able to see at the same time as me as the pics appear on the DuneFM website soon. Click on the little link thingy to see in a few days.

But Please remember I quit smoking nearly two years ago, I am on tablets that have a side effect of making you put on weight.(Honest) AND I love food.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

That was close !!

I have to admit it, I am a very slow tiler. With just one wall to go, It was possible to count up exactly how may tiles it would take to finally finish the bathroom. Two more boxes.

It seems like we have been buying tiles for ever, I wouldn't mind, there was an article on brainiac, demonstrating how much room you would actually need to swing a cat, and our bathroom ain't big enough.

Not one to miss out on a trip to my favorite DIY store, I seized the opportunity to make the last tile purchase. Making sure the chosen trolley was in good working order and not likely to stray to the left or right once loaded with tiles and yet another massive, Big, Giant, Very expensive tub of fix and grout.

On arriving at the now very well known storage area for out Grey Marble Giant tiles........... SHOCK, HORROR, AGHHHH. They had ran out. B***dy typical bet they've been discontinued just like the kitchen (one cupboard short).

The race was on. To the next town. As luck would have it BINGO they had a whole pallet load. Just got the two boxes, thought better of panic buying. Apart that is, for another pack of floor boards, (next job on the list) At least I will be able to whip my power tool out and get some screwing done soon.

Monday, October 02, 2006

How Big ??

I Know I did say I would fill you in on what has been going on with Carol, but its been another busy few days. Carol hasn't been very well for about three years now. It all started when she collapsed at work and had to be rushed to hospital.
On arrival a whole team of very experienced cool, confident specialists in anything you care to mention descended on her, stabilized her condition and then dropped a bombshell. Carol has a large lump the size of a grapefruit up her bum. Here is a sandwich and a cup of tea, you can go home now, but go to see your doctor tomorrow.

WHAT !!!!!!! True Honest

Its not been much better since. The poor girl has not been able to work and has been to see a specialist (in avoiding the question) diagnosed with every possible ailment on this planet but all without treatment available.

On reaching total despair Carol dared go to her Doctor who said. Why have you left it so long. You need to go and see somebody. Too right, someone that can find that Grapefruit, cos it's not been seen for the last three years.

No wonder she can be a nark.