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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If my mates can do it !!!

I bet you didn't know it, but I have got some seriously famous mates.

Radio Presenter and all round good egg (That reminds me ,,, It's nearly Easter) Mark Blackman and his mate Gary are set to grace our TV screens with Dale Winton's Supermarket Sweep very soon.

My Other mate Derek (That doesn't mean I've only got two)Has been on TV for ages. Derek used to work with me at Dune FM and is also a great bloke. Well Derek has mastered the art of Presenting on a shopping Channel.

If I lost about three stone had my teeth whitened and re grew my hair..... I could do that. I would be really good with Power tools and Gadgets,,,, Oh I would need to regrow my finger nails too.

I may leave it for a while.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Charity Fun Day with 107.9 DuneFM

Saturday morning was spent out and about. My mate Andy Hilbert was doing his very first outside broadcast. He was presenting a show "Live!" from the Charity Fun Day at the Somerfield Store on Fylde Road in Southport.
The event was to raise money for the Antony Nolan Bone Marrow Foundation, The Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and most of all to help two little people who are desperate for a bone marrow transplant, Little Ella & Sam Wright from Birkdale.

Here is Andy Hard at work.

As you will see, rather than broadcast from a little table or flashy "Roadshow trailer" We enlisted the Help of Jack and Kim and their MONSTER TRUCK (they even held an auction to win a ride in it) Pictured is Me, Andy Hilbert, Neil Jackson and Jack.

Lucky winners on the day. (A Signed Steven Gerrard Picture)

Dan Roach wasn't so lucky, we paid for him to take a little ride. He got himself a sore A*se.

The Day was a huge success, plus it was great to meet so many of our listners.

well done Andy

Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Day out at Last

Well not quite a day out. Saturdays weather turned out a little better than everybody thought, so the opportunity was siezed to load up the car, in readyness for a trip to the tip. One thing led to another and the trip never happened.

Sunday, and with the car pre loaded a quick trip shouldnt take long, and you always get lots of help. On arrival at the tip, I was amazed to see so many people working on a sunday (They cant all be on double time,can they ?.

All of the staff were wearing council jackets saying "Recycling Asistant). I thought my luck was in, because I had a car full of bricks and stones.

The only help I got was directions to which skip to use. No help lifting... well I am telling a little lie.

I took Carol with me and she helped. (what a shower of lazy ba*tards)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

Saturday night at Turley Towers turned a little chilly tonight. On the early evening news the very efficient news team informed us of a Lunar Eclipse.

Quick !! Lets our telescope out, its tonight, and luckily the weather man got it well wrong, a clear night. But alas no telescope...... in the loft because we had a new carpet... (Don’t ask...Ok, it was carols orders.)

So armed with my little digi camera I went to investigate. And wow can’t believe the Picture I got. And for good measure one of my favorite star constellations, Orion.

Well chuffed with myself.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Look its Twins

My Niece Debbie has been on my case for ages. She has been asking me to put a picture of her beautiful twins (Alicia and Samantha) on my Blog. Well here they are, and what a pair of stunners. Alicia is on the left Samantha is on the right. They were 4 months and 1 week old when the picture was taken on New Years Eve in Portugal. With Debbie was hubby ste, My Sister Ann (Debbies mum)her hubby brian, Sister Sharon, chris, callum, and ste's other two daughters kady and lois.
It has took me this long to put the picture on because I have been so jealous, (New Year in Portugal eh)
Debbie made me laugh, she says they would have looked more lady like if they closed their legs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, especially in a dress!!

Being a bloke, I forgot to ask how much they weighed when the were born, so I cant give you all the gossip. (why do people need to know the weight, its not as if your going to cook them)

well Done Deb

I've Had Bird Flu..... Honest

As you will have noticed, I've been missing for ages.

Two reasons. Firstly I blew up my PC and secondly I have been ded sick... Honest

I have in fact been off work ill for ages. (five weeks)been back for two weeks and things are just about back to normal. So my appologies if you have been logging on looking for a little bit of gossip.

Radio is one of those industries where a week is a long time off. so five weeks is pushing it. But wow the support I've had has been fantastic.

My Listeners have been great, they have been ringing texting and generally driving people mad asking where I am.

I cant tell you what I've had cos a Chest Infection,Tonslitis and a dodgy liver doesnt seem that bad. But it was Honest.

Glad to be back.

I will have to get my finger out and do some typing.