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Friday, March 02, 2007

Look its Twins

My Niece Debbie has been on my case for ages. She has been asking me to put a picture of her beautiful twins (Alicia and Samantha) on my Blog. Well here they are, and what a pair of stunners. Alicia is on the left Samantha is on the right. They were 4 months and 1 week old when the picture was taken on New Years Eve in Portugal. With Debbie was hubby ste, My Sister Ann (Debbies mum)her hubby brian, Sister Sharon, chris, callum, and ste's other two daughters kady and lois.
It has took me this long to put the picture on because I have been so jealous, (New Year in Portugal eh)
Debbie made me laugh, she says they would have looked more lady like if they closed their legs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, especially in a dress!!

Being a bloke, I forgot to ask how much they weighed when the were born, so I cant give you all the gossip. (why do people need to know the weight, its not as if your going to cook them)

well Done Deb

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