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Friday, March 02, 2007

I've Had Bird Flu..... Honest

As you will have noticed, I've been missing for ages.

Two reasons. Firstly I blew up my PC and secondly I have been ded sick... Honest

I have in fact been off work ill for ages. (five weeks)been back for two weeks and things are just about back to normal. So my appologies if you have been logging on looking for a little bit of gossip.

Radio is one of those industries where a week is a long time off. so five weeks is pushing it. But wow the support I've had has been fantastic.

My Listeners have been great, they have been ringing texting and generally driving people mad asking where I am.

I cant tell you what I've had cos a Chest Infection,Tonslitis and a dodgy liver doesnt seem that bad. But it was Honest.

Glad to be back.

I will have to get my finger out and do some typing.

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