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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Think I've Caught The Sun

Today was the first birthday of The New Fleetwood Inn in Banks. DuneFm were invited to provide the entertainment for the day.

We did everything from a pop quiz to an egg and spoon race and the ABC quiz.

With a Bouncy Castle BBQ and face painting there was something for everybody.

The BBQ was a huge success, keeping everybody well fed throughout the day

Apart from lots of regular listeners, it was great to have Heather from our sales team, Dan from Drive time Dune an Andy from Sunday Afternoon (and Nightfreaks) plus our Boss Anna. Not to forget Carol and Charlotte from Turley Towers.

Oh look its a DuneFM listener nearly burning her Bits

joking aside it was a joy to be out and about meeting our loyal listeners and making new friends.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ten Pin Bowling

Wednesday evening saw the first Ten Pin Bowling Challenge as part of Southport’s Charity Fun Fest.

Nineteen teams gathered at Premier Bowl at Ocean Plaza in Southport for a night of fun and to raise money for local charities.

Entrants included the local newspaper The Southport Visiter, Dune FM,and lots of local busineses.

Our Radio station managed to get enough volunteers to make up three teams. In honour of my daily quiz on the Radio, rather than have silly names, we just called ours team A, B and C ( like my ABC quiz, ...good eh )

This is our Team... TEAM B. Me, Dan Roach, Neil Jackson and Katie Collins (she's a girl )

After the first game, our team was winning our inter Dune competition. It was at this stage John Storey (our PC and Brekie jock)from TEAM A bought us all a pint, and possibly tampered with our balls.

Not only did we lose our inter station game. But out of the Ninteen teams playing, we came Nineteenth..... oops

That said it was a great night that raised over six hundred pounds for charity.

SOUTHPORT’S Charity Fun Fest takes place at Princes Park, Southport, noon-5pm on Saturday, June 2.

For more details phone Andrew Brown on 01704 398271 or e-mail:

See you there.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Easter Holiday

Its been five years since our last holiday. This year I am determined to break the cycle.

To ease ourselves back into getting away, a short break to Wales seemed like a good start. A few people including my Mum and Producer Paul from Dune FM had recommended a hotel called The Grand in Llandudno ( its big. )

So we packed up the car, and, to speed things up a touch I took my extra Ladies with us. The ladies being My Sat Nav and My Cars Traffic Master. The pair of them never shut up, all the way there,every two seconds, it was ( turn left turn right Que ahead Turn Bl**dy left)

On arrival, both Carol and myself felt like we were in that film Cocoon. I was about the youngest there...... Honest. We got stuck in though, we bought dabbers and played Bingo, and even went to the Ballroom to watch a stream of nightly entertainers reminding the audience how old they actually were and singing along to endless medleys, all of which seemed to include such classics as, "Pack up your troubles","If you were the only girl in the world" and "The Ovaltinies".

I have to admit some of the elderly guests did seem to lap it up, but I have to wonder if they were just being polite.

Just as we were at meal times.( Carol wouldn't let me kick off ) Things had changed since my mum had been there, Cold soup, veg cooked in milk, Rubber eggs for breakfast and rock hard cold toast. (YUK)

I must have really needed a break because at the end of it all, I feel like i've had a great time, I even managed to get Carol up the Great Orm (on a tram) What a view.

What a shame I didnt manage to win Producer Paul a Crazy Frog.