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Saturday, December 30, 2006


New Years Eve, eve, and my thoughts are turning to 2007, and the possibility of a New Year resolution.

Two years ago, for both financial and health reasons, the decision was made to stop smoking. However whilst preparing for my Radio show, I came across some statistics which led me to believe that my attempt was doomed to failure within a matter of days.

Holding back just a few weeks gave me the edge. A good two years have now passed and I remain a non smoker. I feel No better off financially nor health wise but that leaves me a couple of options for this year.

So my advice to you is to try your best to be realistic with your resolutions.

If you wish, follow my example and don't tell anybody what your plans are. This way, should you fail, so what, nobody knows, and you can try again later.

This year however I am going to spill the beans. I have two resolutions.1, Bearing in mind I am not allowed to use a gym, so getting into shape will be a hard one, but I am going to give it a go. I may even post my weight on my web site and let you help me.

2,My career will be another thing to get some attention this year. There may even be a total change in direction, but lets see. One step at a time maybe.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Was that it ?

Doesn't time fly? One blink and its gone for another year. I hope you got everything you hoped for this year, if not, fear not as another one will be along before you can say It only seemed like yesterday.

Christmas day as always runs with one or two minor disasters, firstly my body knows when i have time off work and gives me full blown man flu with a smokers cough (even though I stopped smoking two years ago)

And (bless her) Carol said to me, "just so you have something funny for your blog, I have cooked the Turkey with the bag of gibblets inside"....... She wasnt joking !!!! She had

Maybe the Turkey Growers know that people are getting dafter as the years move on. I think ours had a Fire proof Gibblet bag. Because it survived intact without any harm to our Christmas dinner.

Another busy christmas and a well deserved rest on boxing day.

Best Wishes to yo all

Sunday, December 24, 2006


At the time of updating this Blog, I have in on very good authority that Santa will be on his way within Two Hours.

Click on the link to Track Santa (with the help of Norad)

It's getting very exiting.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Elf Expression

Have you seen what Andy My web expert has done to me.

Must admit, I am a bit of a mover.

Merry Christmas

click on the Link or Title to see me move.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Fog

How Strange is this.?

I have just finished my latest book,(not writing but reading it) The Title of the book was "The Fog" By James Herbert. A Story of (you guessed it ) some fog.

Not, I may add, any ordinary fog, fog that drove people Mad, Crazy , Loopy. With this story fresh in my mind, I actually found time this week to go into Southport for a little Christmas shopping.

Carol has actually done most of the present shopping, but you can never have too much help. can you?

after a short time, I found myself, not so much shopping, but watching other people shopping. What were they buying? why that? who for? And before long found myself thinking "Had we had any Fog" are they infected.

Women who should be buying scalextric for their hubbies or boyfriends were looking at really Cr*p presents and new pan sets.

I was in so much shock, I returned dis-heartend and empty handed. Must try again tommorrow.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Managed to get a little time over the weekend to do a little Christmas shopping and, a little web surfing. What do yo think. Bet it's Ahhhhhhhhhh

Click on the Link to see clip

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Big Night Out

For many years I have donated some of my spare time to Hospital Radio. Having a huge interest in radio, made this hobby a great way to put a little back into the community, have a great time, and, as it turned out prepare me for a brand new career.

Radio Whiston was my very first station. This was a breeding ground of great radio talent. Derek Webster, John (Gilly) Gillmore and Tony Cookson to name just three all under the watchful eye of Ray Ferguson plus many of 1067/KCR the Rocket's presenters, all cutting their teeth on Avenue 3.

After a short break I returned to Hospital broadcasting, this time at Radio Ormskirk General. What a station. I have made many very good friends at the station over the years, and still bob in to say hello.

Radio Ormskirk General have also had a lot of success in the way of radio and TV talent. John Culshaw (dead Ringers) and the legend that is Allan Beswick, and I am very proud they list me too. I was the regular Tuesday Night Presenter after taking over from Andy Williams (na not that one)

tomorrow night is the Tuesday Posse Christmas Night out and I've been invited.. How good is that.? Barbara and Jean, two of the original Tuesday posse girls will be there. (they are still at it, how devoted are they).

Brian my old programme controller and all some of the new kids. It should be a great night. So look out The Hayfield in Ormskirk.

Check out the link below for info on Radio Ormskirk General, maybe you could get involved.

Cheeky Sods

Not because Carol is a bad driver (Honest). One of my summer jobs was to knock down one of our gate posts with a view to widening the driveway to Turley Towers.

As I have been so very busy doing the bathroom, livingroom and garage roof. I have , as yet, not got around to finishing the job. Mainly because it involves replacing a wall and I haven't bought my Bricky Mate (or what ever its called)Yet.

This tool makes anybody a top brick layer (Honest, I've seen it on TV).

Anyway, because we have no gate post , we have no gates. This is proving to be a complete pain in the arm. For some reason every car that comes up our road wants to turn around.

Lets think, shall we drive a hundred yards up the road, or turn into this nice wide driveway.
I am really tempted to put a spike strip in the drive, but sods law says I would be its only victim.

isn't the world full of cheeky bas*ards

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cor isn't it windy

With all the work virtually finished on the house, who would have thought nature would stick its nose in and start piling on the jobs.

The porch has been finished for quite a while now. Thursday turned out to be quite a windy one, and, just before 12 o'clock it became a victim of a gust of wind.

On hearing a strange noise outside the front window, it seemed a good idea to send Carol out to investigate. That way, if Carol got into trouble, I could go out in the wind and rain and rescue her.

"Its all over the front lawn" was Carols observation. With this news, I was forced to go out and see for myself "What was"

The whole apex fasia of the porch had indeed blown off. And is now on the top of my to do list.

Tell you what. ..............That saying is true..... No rest for the wicked.