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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Was that it ?

Doesn't time fly? One blink and its gone for another year. I hope you got everything you hoped for this year, if not, fear not as another one will be along before you can say It only seemed like yesterday.

Christmas day as always runs with one or two minor disasters, firstly my body knows when i have time off work and gives me full blown man flu with a smokers cough (even though I stopped smoking two years ago)

And (bless her) Carol said to me, "just so you have something funny for your blog, I have cooked the Turkey with the bag of gibblets inside"....... She wasnt joking !!!! She had

Maybe the Turkey Growers know that people are getting dafter as the years move on. I think ours had a Fire proof Gibblet bag. Because it survived intact without any harm to our Christmas dinner.

Another busy christmas and a well deserved rest on boxing day.

Best Wishes to yo all

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