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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Fog

How Strange is this.?

I have just finished my latest book,(not writing but reading it) The Title of the book was "The Fog" By James Herbert. A Story of (you guessed it ) some fog.

Not, I may add, any ordinary fog, fog that drove people Mad, Crazy , Loopy. With this story fresh in my mind, I actually found time this week to go into Southport for a little Christmas shopping.

Carol has actually done most of the present shopping, but you can never have too much help. can you?

after a short time, I found myself, not so much shopping, but watching other people shopping. What were they buying? why that? who for? And before long found myself thinking "Had we had any Fog" are they infected.

Women who should be buying scalextric for their hubbies or boyfriends were looking at really Cr*p presents and new pan sets.

I was in so much shock, I returned dis-heartend and empty handed. Must try again tommorrow.

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