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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Grand Day Out

Over the Easter break I decided to take in a little bit of fresh air and (as it turned out) a little bit too much sun.
The event I attended was a Horse Show on a farm near St.Helens, One that was to feature my very talented Daughter Rachel and her (once little) pet horse Ellie. It was a little odd because it was where Rachel had her very first riding lesson as a child.
Ellie, (I found out on Sunday) was bred from a mixture of Racehorse and Show Jumper and she too seemed to be very talented, and it wouldn't have suprised me if it turned out she could perform a few card tricks as well as everything she had to do in the competition .
It was a very hot day, but with a bit of a breeze blowing didn't feel uncomfortable, Until I got home and my face started to turn bright red in color and my skin began to tighten a little, and feel like I had washed in Petrol.
So with a talented pair like Rachel and Ellie a couple of wins seemed certain. So well done to them both for wins in "Riding Club Horse" and "Senior Equitation" 2nd in both but first time out this year.
I think Ellie would have done a little better had I not been feeding her polo mints and playing with her.