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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sothport Visiter

Have you ever opened a newspaper to see your own face smiling back at you? Well that is exactly what happened to me this week.

Sat back having a minute at work thumbing through this week’s edition of The Southport Visiter.

To my surprise it was a picture of me. And I was sharing page 40 with 1986 legends Simon Groom, Peter Duncan and Janet (mum of Sophie Ellis Bexter) Ellis "the team from Blue Peter" and Southport Icon and best mate of Sooty "Connie Creighton".

Click on the Southport Visiter title, to go direct to the article which can be found in the LookBack section.

The section is created by Robert Alcock who is looking for your favorite children’s TV show, holders of the coveted Blue Peter Badge and local people who have been on the show. Robert can be contacted on 01704 398276 or e-mail robert

Thanks for putting me in Robert

Saturday, February 23, 2008

JJB Health and Fitness

What a shame for the team at JJB in Southport. Will and the team have been really good fun on my new Lunchtime quiz "War of the Workforce" on 107.9 Dune FM.

They have managed to fend off the competition for the last three weeks but have been tamed by the new kids on the block from Wayfarers Arcade shopping center in Southport.

This week we have new "sporting" contenders to take on the mighty Wayfarers team.

By the way, what about Ant and Dec copying the music from my quiz (B****rds)

Aimee visits Dune FM

What a treat we had at work on Friday, as local Singer Aimee Kearsley came in to the Dune FM studios to see us, and to tell us about Eurovision 2008.

Aimee and her best friend Emma Beard (both former members of the group "CLEA") now form singing duo ‘LoveShy’. They are making a bid to win the Eurovision song contest in Belgrade 2008 with their new song 'Mr Gorgeous'.

Emma and Aimee "LoveShy" will be joining Eurovision veteran Terry Wogan and Claudia Winkleman on a two-part contest - Eurovision Your Decision, on BBC1 in March. The competition will see six acts split into three categories going head-to-head to decide who will represent the UK at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest -

It would be great to see them win so lets give them our support.

Monday, February 11, 2008


A little while ago I managed to get around to fixing my garage roof. However, since then a little water has managed to find its way inside.

One possible cause could be a slight defect in the new roof OR water seeping through the rear brickwork.

On seeking advice I have purchased some stuff to spray on to the brickwork to give it a water tight seal. Reading the instructions (as you do) it said check your pointing, (the bit between the bricks)

It didn't take long to find a few dodgy bits that needed attention, a great excuse to whip out my tool kit.

Not being used to using a trowel I found myself using my finger to smooth the mortar, and as it happens I did tend to use my pointing finger. Wonder if that’s where it got its name??

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Guess who's been to the gym ???

I knew you wouldn't believe me. To be honest I have actually been to the gym twice this week. And, true to form I managed to pick up an injury on my first visit..... well nearly. After my visit on Thursday and managing to do ten minutes on the chocolate machine in the reception area, I woke on Friday morning with ded bad cramp, and it hurt all day.

The true reason for going was actually work related. As mentioned earlier I have a new feature on my Radio Show called War of the Workforce, and we thought it would be a good idea to go and meet the teams in person and put a photo on the stations web site.

Not all of the team at JJB Health and Fitness were available on thursday so i had to make a return visit. They are a great bunch of people and they were made up to be the victors of week one.

The team who came in second place (sounds better than losers) were from Queenscourt Hospice.

I also made a visit th the hospice and had a tour of their fantastic facility and met some truly amazing people.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

No Sunday Lunch

Don’t you just hate it when an hour long job turns into a marathon?

For the past few days, Carol has been telling me that she can't cook, Nothing new there I thought to myself, and just replied with "Yer I know" just like Little Britain.

As it turned out, our oven had packed in and..... She couldn't cook... even if she could.
Saturday was spent out and about trying to bag a bargain. Eventually we purchased a separate oven and matching hob (because our old oven and hob were matching green)

Up bright an early Sunday morning and ready for action, within five minutes I struck a problem and needed to pop to B&Q for some bits and bobs. Being a Sunday and as yet no chance of Sunday Lunch, I stopped off and purchased all of the ingredients needed.

Lately things haven’t been going my way, and today was no exception. SIX HOURS-THREE TRIPS TO THE SHOPS AND NO SUNDAY DINNER.

But I got the job done. What do you think??

Saturday, February 02, 2008

HELP !!!!!

For a little while now, I have been known on Dune FM as a master quiz master, for my twice daily ABC quiz (The hardest quiz on the radio)

Well from this Monday, it’s just got a little harder for me, and I need your help.
Each day two teams will be trying to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds with my War of the Workforce feature.

What I need is good quality quick fire questions. I know that the internet can be a great source of questions, but a lot of the time the questions are out of date or a little too obscure.

I found one the other day that was asking for the name of the British Prime Minister, It gave the answer as Margret Thatcher, (that must be over a year old)

Therefore, I really do need your help. After a few dry runs, I may need between 20 and 30 questions per day, 7300 to 10950 per year.

If you get a minute, please let me have some questions (with correct answers) preferably on a word document, with a font big enough to read by a blogger. (If you do, I will give you a mention on the radio (honest)

Email to