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Sunday, February 03, 2008

No Sunday Lunch

Don’t you just hate it when an hour long job turns into a marathon?

For the past few days, Carol has been telling me that she can't cook, Nothing new there I thought to myself, and just replied with "Yer I know" just like Little Britain.

As it turned out, our oven had packed in and..... She couldn't cook... even if she could.
Saturday was spent out and about trying to bag a bargain. Eventually we purchased a separate oven and matching hob (because our old oven and hob were matching green)

Up bright an early Sunday morning and ready for action, within five minutes I struck a problem and needed to pop to B&Q for some bits and bobs. Being a Sunday and as yet no chance of Sunday Lunch, I stopped off and purchased all of the ingredients needed.

Lately things haven’t been going my way, and today was no exception. SIX HOURS-THREE TRIPS TO THE SHOPS AND NO SUNDAY DINNER.

But I got the job done. What do you think??

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