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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Aimee visits Dune FM

What a treat we had at work on Friday, as local Singer Aimee Kearsley came in to the Dune FM studios to see us, and to tell us about Eurovision 2008.

Aimee and her best friend Emma Beard (both former members of the group "CLEA") now form singing duo ‘LoveShy’. They are making a bid to win the Eurovision song contest in Belgrade 2008 with their new song 'Mr Gorgeous'.

Emma and Aimee "LoveShy" will be joining Eurovision veteran Terry Wogan and Claudia Winkleman on a two-part contest - Eurovision Your Decision, on BBC1 in March. The competition will see six acts split into three categories going head-to-head to decide who will represent the UK at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest -

It would be great to see them win so lets give them our support.

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