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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Call out The Tooth Fairy

Early last week one of my teeth started to get a little sensitive. As the days went on the pain started to get worse. The thought of eating my tea now gave me two things to fear, one being Carols cooking and the other was a sharp stabbing pain (not that I would know what that's like cos I've never been stabbed)that went from my tooth right down to my slippers.

It was getting to a stage were my use of paracetamol was noticable enough for Carol to get on my case, but not before getting onto a vast number of medical websites on the Turley Towers computer system. The result of this Internet fishing was me being warned about the severe risk of death through a possibly neglected abscess. Apparently this is what all the Mummies died of in the olden days.

Not being a fan of the dentist, as Ive yet to have one that has fixed a problem first time round,extracted perfectly healthy teeth due to looking at a back to front X-Ray, or refusing to give me a brace to close a gap in my teeth at an early age because the gap gave me character (Tw*t). I strongly considered going to the doctors for some antibiotics (as suggested by the web to save my life). I quickly ruled this on out as you need to phone an engaged number at the surgery between the hour of 8.30am and 8.31am in order to get an emergency appointment for that day (that is once the doctor on reception has diagnosed you and sees fit for you to see the one of the partners for a second opinion)

So with Carols hand firmly pushing me out the door it was of to my lady dentist who has had three goes so far trying to fit a £200 inlay onto the tooth that is now the epicenter of my now life threatening (suspected) abscess, as apposed to a common filling.

Having managed to make an emergency (no money for the dentist) appointment I was in and out of the chair quicker and more painlessly than I had ever dreamed. However the trauma wasn't over yet " I will give you some antibiotics but you must go STRAIGHT to the hospital" WHAT ? !!!! What for ? "An X-ray" PHEW

I am on my second day of antibiotics, I have my X-ray on a CD to take back to the dentist. But i don't want to go. Cant the tooth fairy come an whip it out overnight and leave me some money. I think I would like that.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Have you seen my new love

After reading an article by "The Money Saving Expert" I have found myself doing lots of shopping via a website called Quidco. Now you know me, always suspicious and very careful. The first thing i did was to get an insurance quote for my car, not only was it far cheaper than any I had already obtained but it paid £75 as cash back.
The site charges £5 per year But only if you earn more than £5 so you cant lose. So I bagged £70 on my first shop and now use it for ebay and and any online shopping.

The only thing I am worried about is turning into a woman and Buying things to save money (just like women do in a sale)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two Radio Stations at Once

This Tuesday is the 1st of June 2010 (this year is flying by) And will be day One of the new evening show on Dune 107.9 and Central Radio 106.5.

This will not be the first time I have presented the evening show on Dune but will be my first day on Central Radio which covers Central Lancashire, Preston, Chorley and Leyland (where I used to work while an electrician at Leyland Motors)

Chorley has many fond memories for me too as I did present Love Songs on Chorley FM on one of its trial broadcasts (RSL's) I hope its not me that Peter kay was refaring to when he says "ChorleyFM Coming in your ears".

I am really looking forward to the new show. I will have a host of new features and will be totally Live and Interactive.

All exciting stuff.