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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cheeky Sods

Not because Carol is a bad driver (Honest). One of my summer jobs was to knock down one of our gate posts with a view to widening the driveway to Turley Towers.

As I have been so very busy doing the bathroom, livingroom and garage roof. I have , as yet, not got around to finishing the job. Mainly because it involves replacing a wall and I haven't bought my Bricky Mate (or what ever its called)Yet.

This tool makes anybody a top brick layer (Honest, I've seen it on TV).

Anyway, because we have no gate post , we have no gates. This is proving to be a complete pain in the arm. For some reason every car that comes up our road wants to turn around.

Lets think, shall we drive a hundred yards up the road, or turn into this nice wide driveway.
I am really tempted to put a spike strip in the drive, but sods law says I would be its only victim.

isn't the world full of cheeky bas*ards

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