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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Think I've Caught The Sun

Today was the first birthday of The New Fleetwood Inn in Banks. DuneFm were invited to provide the entertainment for the day.

We did everything from a pop quiz to an egg and spoon race and the ABC quiz.

With a Bouncy Castle BBQ and face painting there was something for everybody.

The BBQ was a huge success, keeping everybody well fed throughout the day

Apart from lots of regular listeners, it was great to have Heather from our sales team, Dan from Drive time Dune an Andy from Sunday Afternoon (and Nightfreaks) plus our Boss Anna. Not to forget Carol and Charlotte from Turley Towers.

Oh look its a DuneFM listener nearly burning her Bits

joking aside it was a joy to be out and about meeting our loyal listeners and making new friends.

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