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Thursday, January 11, 2007

X Rated Studio Visit

Sometimes going into work can be a bit of a treat. Well today was one of those days. My mate Dan Roach from the Hits and Headlines Drive programme had arranged for the X-Factor finalists Eton Road to come into our Radio Station for a little chat.

The Liverpool lads, Anthony, James, Danny and David, were very relaxed and very open and honest about the whole X-Factor experience, and game for a laugh. (They even took a phone call from DuneFM regulars Randy Rene from Rufford and Mavis) And I may add, Even did our Traffic and Travel News. Pictured is Anthony (on the job)

which seemed to tickle James

We think the lads would have stayed for ages but they began to show me and Dan up. So much talent in one room.
We didn't have time to ask the guys if a closer mag article was true as listed on the Eton Road Online website saying
"Coleen McLoughlin has revealed that she used to babysit Anthony Hannah from X Factor Finalist Eton Road. Coleen, 20, lived in the same area of Liverpool as Anthony, 17, and she told Closer: “He was tiny and his nan would say to me ‘Look after our Anthony now!’.” Now engaged to Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney,"

We wish the lads all the luck in the world for the future and look forward to the X-Factor tour.

For more info check out The Southport Visitor Our Local Newspaper

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