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Monday, January 01, 2007

It was a Happy New Year

With all the talk of bad weather, the thought of going out and doing the rounds with the neighbours wasn't the number one plan.

First thought was to try and seize the opportunity to let a few more of our fireworks off. These are the ones left over from Bonfire night. It was a bit windy so it wasnt long before we gave up, plus the sticks from the rockets started to land in our own garden. We should have waited till Big Ben too.

As the midnight Hour approached Carol and I donned our big coats, and headed out to await midnight, and the chance to let in the New Year armed with our trusty piece of coal.

Once outside, the adventurous side of us, set us on a mission to find a man in a Kilt armed with some bagpipes. We found him with no trouble what so ever, he still lives around the corner, and is the Grandad of Charlotte's friend Jessica (who played Claire Sweeney's daughter Kylie in Brookside.)

We all paraded around the block until Grandad and his pipes ran out of wind. It was at this stage we got ourselves invited into the house of our new neighbours, Jim and Val and some relatives from Formby. Managed to get, and pass on, lots of gossip but got far too drunk to remember what.

I wonder if they will have us back, or as always, is that the last we see of our neighbours (till next year)

Interviewed Claire a while back. She was a joy see link to her site

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