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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mixed Emotions

Hasn't this week gone quick ?
Tuesday is my regular day to stop off at a Supermarket on my way home to get my Mum some bits and bobs, then off to her pad for some DIY jobs. This weeks job was a very wet lawn to cut in the dark.

I felt a little Guilty because Carol was at home with a Very Dead Gerbil. Akon (cos he was lonely) had made his last trip up his recently constructed gerbil staircase.
It was to be my job to dig the hole in our garden and bury him after conducting a short service.

He was the last in a succession of gerbils to live at Turley Towers
It was very sad but I didn't mind and I was getting used to trampling about in mud by this time.

Wednesday was a little bit of a dark day. Felt a little down really. House caked in mud, no gerbil and still not finished the house make over.

However A few things did help cheer me up. First was my mate Dan, (Dan Roach's Hits and Headlines Drive)
He had taken the time to write a little Poem about Akon and even read it out On Air for me, as he knew I would blubber. I would let you read it but I put it in the bin.

The second was in my dinner break. Had a quick walk into Southport Center and was recognized and approached by a female listener who said she loved my voice, and loved my programme. Hope It wasn't a case of mistaken Identity.

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Anonymous said...

OOOOHH! Im sorry love, I thought you were Terry Wogan! Ill not bother talking to you again in Spar!