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Saturday, October 21, 2006

They want my car back

Received a letter the other day from my local garage. It so happens that this particular garage are fans of my radio show and therefore think I am minted. Saying that my car is a cracker, so I suppose it's understandable.

There would seem to be a little problem with my gear box. As luck would have it the car is still under warranty. However this is the second time its been called in, my tyres are starting to get worn and the exhaust cant last much longer.

This was the most expensive car I have ever purchased. It was my intention to keep it in tip top condition and keep it for years. This feeling of pride didn't last long though.

Whilst doing my show one day, I saw on car park TV what I believed at the time, to be a minor bump in our car park. A staff member appeared to back into my car, get out to have a look then drive off home.

Must have been a total coincidence as nothing was ever said, a scratch did appear on my car but none on his the following day.

Called in to the garage today to book it in for the work, and while there, asked about trading my car in to start all over again.

The salesman knew me. How strange is that......... Not from the Radio but from school.
Isn't it a small world.

Fingers crossed he said he would sort me out with a good deal. Wait and see !!!!

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