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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

That was close !!

I have to admit it, I am a very slow tiler. With just one wall to go, It was possible to count up exactly how may tiles it would take to finally finish the bathroom. Two more boxes.

It seems like we have been buying tiles for ever, I wouldn't mind, there was an article on brainiac, demonstrating how much room you would actually need to swing a cat, and our bathroom ain't big enough.

Not one to miss out on a trip to my favorite DIY store, I seized the opportunity to make the last tile purchase. Making sure the chosen trolley was in good working order and not likely to stray to the left or right once loaded with tiles and yet another massive, Big, Giant, Very expensive tub of fix and grout.

On arriving at the now very well known storage area for out Grey Marble Giant tiles........... SHOCK, HORROR, AGHHHH. They had ran out. B***dy typical bet they've been discontinued just like the kitchen (one cupboard short).

The race was on. To the next town. As luck would have it BINGO they had a whole pallet load. Just got the two boxes, thought better of panic buying. Apart that is, for another pack of floor boards, (next job on the list) At least I will be able to whip my power tool out and get some screwing done soon.

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