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Sunday, October 29, 2006


It looks like the DIY nightmare at home is at long last coming to an end.

Took the whole week of half term off work to complete the Bathroom, Hall and Lounge.
As always, things never go exactly to plan. Carpet for hall and lounge, Wednesday and bathroom flooring ....... Friday. TWO DAYS up at the crack of dawn waiting for fitters to arrive. NO TELLY, RADIO, SEATS for nearly 7 hours on Wednesday. New carpet looks great, however, the fitters removed a door, saying it had to be trimmed, and left it that way too. (not our job mate) ****ards.

Friday wasn't much better. Six hours trying not to go to the Loo. Spent the weekend putting away all the tools used over the past few weeks. Ready for a rest now.


Anonymous said...

You can bring your power tools round to my house when youve done there, Ill keep ya out of mischief for a while.

Anonymous said...

By gum love, you should always keep a big bucket by yer back door like I do, you cant hold that stuff in for 6 hours without it giving your bowels some gip. You'll end up a sennakot popper like me, its great stuff, gets me shifted every sunday afternoon.