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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Smile Please

Don't know about you but I hate having my picture taken. Today at work our boss had organized a mass photo shoot. It was a little bit like a visit from a vet to a farm with foot and mouth, only we would survive the shoot with just the dread of seeing the resulting pictures.

The Presenters and the Sales staff all clean, polished and pressed were to endure the same fate. What was good about today was the opportunity to meet up with the guys and girls who keep the radio station working throughout the weekend and evening . These are the members of staff who usually miss out on having to endure standing up against a plain white background staring into the lens of a very expensive camera until you go cross eyed, blink or have a strange facial twinge as your stomach muscles cave in and let it all sag out.

Still we have the new pictures to look forward to, oh what joy. How fat will I look, did I squint blink, sag ?. And what or who is going to appear in place of the Blank screen.

Anyway you will be able to see at the same time as me as the pics appear on the DuneFM website soon. Click on the little link thingy to see in a few days.

But Please remember I quit smoking nearly two years ago, I am on tablets that have a side effect of making you put on weight.(Honest) AND I love food.

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