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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In the last week of my holidays now. The first week flew by, and hardly anything achieved.

At home, the list of jobs on the go is mounting.

The Bathroom has been an epic task. Removing our bright yellow suite and pink tiles seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I remembered I am not a plumber, plasterer or tiler, but I like DIY, so I will give it a go. (That was in May)

On one of my many Power tool shopping trips I spotted another tool I really needed (as you do) a Laser Leveler, Handy for........... err.... Laser leveling. Wish I hadn’t. With three walls now tiled my new laser leveler would show me that my tiles are straight and will........... not meet and are not level. That’s going to slow the job down.

The Kitchen on the other hand is nearly finished. Just needs the floor fixing.
Had a word with Big Brother 1 Winner Craig Philips (perk of the job) "easy to fix.. Just lift up the floor joists and pack them". That’s going to slow the job down a bit. (Thats Charlotte from Turley Towers in the Pic)

I know I could get a carpet for the hall. It’s not had one for three years. Just needs the floor doing, decorating, and the jobs done.

Later maybe.... my beer is getting warm.

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