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Thursday, September 21, 2006

That's Tangy

We haven't had Halloween yet, nor bonfire night, but at work we are talking Christmas parties. John and Neil our breakfast presenters are talking Panto ( Oh yes they are). They are in Peter Pan at The Crosby Civic hall.

Neil is on a health kick at the moment (so he says). And, I may add, needs to be. Being the best radio station in our patch means that for the lucky few, (Our Sales team plus John and Neil) certain perks are available.

These perks are mainly food and Drink related, free meals at various venues throughout our area, and food delivered to the Studio at stupid o'clock. Hence the need to be on a health kick. Don't worry a local Gym has come to the rescue and sorted out free membership. (not for me though)

I did try last year to get cheap membership and got totally ripped off. One of our local Gyms offered me a huge discount .....My A*se. My blood pressure was too high to join at that time, so they deferred my membership start date until my high cholesterol was sorted.

They stole money from my bank for a whole year without me being able to attend..... B***ards.

Anyway I have bought a Power Juicer and do loads of DIY . Who needs to prance around, lifting things for no reason, in a Smelly Gym wearing a leotard ,with blokes who train to look like they are carrying invisible carpets.

I can get my Five a Day with my Power Juicer. And Tonight I did just that. I had Beef Curry Rice Chips and Prawn crackers followed by a Carol special, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, and apple.

My tongue is nearly bleeding.

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