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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well Done Lads

Tuesday the fifth of this month held devastating news for 52 full time and around 250 part time workers, with the closure of Southports Pleasureland. The news came also as a massive shock for many thousands of people who have enjoyed holidays and days out in the resort.

Working on the local radio station for the area, I had lots of feedback, theory's as to what went wrong, who's fault it may be and what may be happening next.

News also of financial groups getting together to save Southports fun fair, petitions against the closure. As I also present an Hour of News within my show, I cannot be seen to take sides and certainly cant voice my personal views on air. Other than "What a shame" "Oh dear me how sad".

When the news came, that apart from the closure, a team of engineers had been sent in to dismantle some of the Big rides in preparation for a move to blackpool, It really felt like the end of an era. Then to add insult to injury, or for complete spite, another team moved in to hack away at a seventy odd year old wooden rollercoaster called the Cyclone.

Well done to the Two coaster fans who held their own mini protest today by chaining themselves to the ride. (they came down when they thought they may be causing a hazard on a passing road). I don't usually have a view on protests but I back this 100%, I know it wont change anything but at least they tried. Well done lads. And while I am at it well done to the fathers for justice and anybody who has tried to abolish the CSA.

Phew Rant over

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