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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

On The Run

In my very first blog I explained who inspired me to start out on this new form of media. It was a friend I hadn't seen for a number of years, Nick Margerrison. (or should I call him Nick Sheffield). Like me Nick is a top radio person, and I was fascinated to see he had embarked on a mission to become a stand up comedian. Don't even think about it

I also mentioned the fact that he is pretty good on a PC. Not two weeks in to blogging, he found me. Great to hear from him today. We are going to have a winter barbie. Well it will be winter by the time I Finnish all my jobs.

Big day at work tomorrow. A team photo shoot for the Dune FM 10k run. As if I am actually going to do it. What I do need from you is some good excuses or ways of escaping the embarrassment and humiliation, of not making it further than two hundred yards.

Email me your excuses via profile page or post them as comments . Also if you get a minute check out Nick blog on the link below.

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