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Thursday, September 28, 2006

What a week

As you will have noticed I have been absent without leave. Last weekend was so very busy, the time just flew by.

On Friday we received a call from Mr Gate man, we had nearly forgotten about a set of gates we had ordered, what seemed, like ages ago. They were due to arrive with an expert fitter early on Saturday morning. Being weekend getting up seemed like a big job and such a strain, manageable (just).

Mr Gate man was running a little late so by mid afternoon the gates where all but hung. It took a while however, to repaint and touch up to perfection. One day gone.

Sunday was a bit of a failed shopping day, no food, no toys, just DIY stuff. With the floor repair job is in full swing, it was, more replacement floor boards and a box of two hundred screws. Oh and one toy an Electric nail gun. (really useless for putting in screws)

The rest of Sunday and Monday were spent Screwing. I did however get the chance to use my new nail gun. The floor boards in the hall have creaked for as many years as I can remember, but with little wedges hammered under the floor joists and secured with nails from my new nail gun, Peace at last. One more room to do.

Tuesday is a trip to my mums after work. That made Tuesday a DIY free day, but an extra prep night for work on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a Somerfield Store opening, Which for me meant an early start, and a change from my air conditioned hi tech studio. My four hour Radio Show was broadcast live with no security to protect me from the probing public from the Freezing cold car park.

Today Carol had to go to Hospital to see a bowel and tummy specialist. more on that tomorrow because I will only end up slagging off our Local GP's for making Carol suffer, in pain, agony and total despair for a further two years, after the last mis diagnosis of whatever is wrong with her. (B***ards)

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