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Monday, September 04, 2006

Back on the Radio Tomorrow

As mentioned yesterday the European Space Agency crashed their orbiter SMART-1 into the moon this morning. To cloudy to see it in real life but found out it was to be featured on The Sky At Night. They did mention it but no pictures. Bet they didn’t crash it at all. Bet they sold it on EBay, something I’ve not done yet.

My summer holidays are over, finished, come to an end. Back to work in the morning, hope I can remember how to work the studio equipment. In for about 9.00 and On Air between 10.00 and 2.00pm. If you are in the UK you can listen online, just click on the link below.

May have to go to my mums on the way home. I usually go on a Tuesday but she's going to Ireland with my uncle Alfie and Aunty Jean for a holiday. They have never been and can’t wait. Bet mum gets me to cut her grass if I go.

Looking forward to catching up with my regular listeners tomorrow and you, if you get a minute.

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