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Thursday, September 14, 2006

They are running away from me

Wasn't it quiet yesterday ?. Reason being, my mum arrived back home from her short holiday to Ireland, She had gone with my Uncle Alfie and auntie Jean. They have since continued their mammoth drive and are now back home in Portsmouth.

Mum wanted to go to a certain bay, and watch the sun set, as mentioned in an old song that she insisted on singing to me yesterday. It was a very long song, and I think I may have passed out during it, as I don't remember any of the Details. I do remember thinking to myself " Now I know where I got my singing voice from". (It was that bad).

Tuesday is my regular day to visit mum and take her some shopping, She likes regular because it doesn't interfere with her social life. Clubbing with My auntie Lilly, Bingo and every isle shopping. She didn't mind this week, as she had only just returned from her holiday. With the song and a cruise around the estate to find out why the lawn didn't need cutting. (the council did it on Tuesday) I was rather late getting home. Hence no blog yesterday, good job really,

Earlier in the day we had a picture emailed to us all at work. The picture was a preview of a Radio Station publicity shot of the DuneFM 10K running team, due to appear in a Southport newspaper. My boss insists I am an asset to the team, but I am not on the photograph.

I knew the team had hid from me the other day when I went out to pose. The preview is my proof. It shows the shower of ****ards running away. Boy would I have had a rant had I done a blog yesterday.

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