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Saturday, September 16, 2006


For some strange reason during the week I came out with a true fact, one that spread instant fear amongst listeners to my radio show. One Hundred days to go before Christmas, not long off eh, cant wait, love Christmas. But hang on... Both Carol and myself are approaching two years of being None Smokers, and I don't mind telling you, we have put on an ounce or two.

Time to get fit maybe, if we both start being really healthy we could look like models by Christmas.

Since my summer holiday (and not going away) I seem to have got into the habit of watching a certain type of channel on my TV, after hours. And before you say it, My channels are in the six hundreds, not the Nine hundreds like my mate. (its ok Dan I wont tell anyone its you).

What a bargain, that will make us really healthy, give us a body detox, lots of vitamins and energy. A Power Juicer from "Pats the name". I love Power tools, so this should be good. Rather than pay the TV price and postage, I knew where to get one very similar, and its one that is made by "pats the name". Saw it in the mail advert for a Cash and Carry type place.

Got around to trying a recipe today. Detox and clean out your liver. Celery carrot's and Beetroot. Looked a little strange. Must work though, One sip and it cleaned out my whole stomach. Yuk (DON'T LIKE IT)

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