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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Don't Like IT !!

Soon to be announced is the line up for the Dune FM Running team.
I can reveal that I have been approached by management and asked to take part in the Dune FM Seaside 10k on Sunday October 22nd at Victoria park in Southport. I have today at work been likened to linford Christie, (maybe to do with my huge lunchbox).

unfortunately they were getting me mixed up with Tony Christie. Now as mentioned only yesterday and in previous blogs, I have very high, extremely high cholesterol, a broken Metatarsal, and haven't run since collapsing in a heap after my school cross country. (not that long ago really)

We think a compromise has been reached, and in the name of charity Dan Roach our Drive-Time (single, hasn't got a girlfriend) jock has agreed to push me in a wheelchair. We may even dress us as Lou and Andy or I might drop out at the last minute. If you fancy coming to watch or get involved check out the link to our Radio Station website.

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