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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Happy Gerbil

Today at long last I have done a good deed. Akon our gerbil must be on his last legs, I think in gerbil years he must be about three hundred and five. Well, tonight he is busy with a new addition to his home. Its has took me a couple of hours, locked away in my workshop/garage (no room for a car).

My power tools and I teamed up to make Stairs for Akons Country Club home, and he loves them. The interest in Gerbils started a few years ago ,when Charlotte's Nan and Grandad thought that two gerbils would make a nice birthday present. (BAD MOVE).

It didn't seen long before I was resuscitating one of the gerbils after he collapsed in a heap for no apparent reason. It was to be just over a week before Carol and I went on a secret shopping trip to purchase a Gerbil lookalike for our departed friend.

We made doubly sure we got a male replacement but failed to get a lookalike and had to break the news to Charlotte. The small detail we missed was of course both Gerbils were little lady's.
At one count we were up to sixteen gerbils. With help from the pet shop we did manage to segregate the sexes and the need for more homes and extensions.

The Girls were housed in a palace with two levels and a lookout tower, Plus an external tube run that was rotated between their home and the Boys Country Club. The pet shop were very helpful. (Cost me a Fortune) And I was the one that cleaned them all out.

Akon is lonely. He is the last he seemed to be struggling to get up his tube from his bedroom to his kitchen/diner. He took to scratching about and generally being noisy to get attention, and a human hand to transfer him from one of the two levels.

Akon has now regained his independence and his dignity, and I may ad seems very impressed with my handywork. I think we got a happy Gerbil

Sorry I dont have a picture. I will see if I can get one tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't you have bought a Stannah stairlift for the poor thing!

Dave Turley said...

If I could afford one, of course i would