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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Take your time

Many years ago my dad gave me a DIY tip. Take your time, prepare, think the job through. At the moment I am spending that much time thinking, planning and adding to my to do list, that not a lot seems to be getting done around here.

It seems ages ago now but do you remember me telling you about my bathroom tiles and how I have just a wall and a bit left to do. Well, the bathroom saw a bit of action today. Around the bath was in real need of that silicone sealant, (is that what they use for lady's chests ?). I have used this type of stuff before so it didn't really pose much of a problem.

Then a little voice said "Take your time". So rather than using my pre wetted finger to smooth my newly applied Super Tough, Ultra White, Anti Mould, Long Lasting Silicone, It was off to my garage to find a silicone sealant profile forming spreader tool type thing. I knew I didn't have one but thought I could make one. Which of course I did. Cool, Good Job, Nice One.

On offering my new tool up to the previously applied sealer, That is when the penny dropped. Take your time (unless the silicone goes off and starts to set in FIVE MINUTES). What a mess. It has taken me ages to get the mess off, go to my favorite DIY shop for a new tube of sealant and a Real applicator. . . . . At last job done one off my list. But look at the time.

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