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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Its all happening on the Moon

At last, a chance to get my telescope out. On the news the other night I saw a piece about The European Space Agency and their orbiter SMART-1 and how it is expected to crash on the surface of the moon on Sunday morning — on purpose.

The 285-kilogram spacecraft, which was launched in September 2003 and has been orbiting the moon since November 2004, will end its mission by crashing into the moon.

The dust and rock from the impact could rise up to 20 kilometers from the lunar surface and may be visible to amateur astronomers using home telescopes.

SMART-1 is small (about the size of a dishwasher, but with 14-metre solar wings),
And looks remarkably like the object Wallace and Grommet found on the Moon in "A GRAND DAY OUT". Crackin Film Eh lad.

The impact is expected to occur in the Lake of Excellentiae in the southern hemisphere at around 7.42.

Hope I see it. What a waste

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