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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Are they making a film ?

Had a task to do as soon as I arrived home today. My blog is updated on my laptop in the dining room half of the lounge/diner at Turley Towers, just four inches away from my drumkit (I am still quite pants at playing them, so not ready for playing on stage)

Anyway, while at work today one of our I T experts was doing his stuff (making computers and printers work). When I happened to mention about the way my Broadband connection throws me off-line at random intervals. Try this said Nick and gave me some really easy things to try in an effort to sort out my irritating little problem.

Two and a half hours it took me to get back on-line but I got some screen shots to show him tomorrow. (I can pretend iI went away for my holidays when I show him my snaps. At least he will be interested in them).

Whilst driving home filled with all my new computer knowledge, I spotted a film crew. Not your little TV camera with a light on the top but massive Lights, Big wagons, crew and actors. Who were they ? What were they doing ? What's the film, who's in it ? If You know please let me know. They were at the Tesco Garage and Spar shop on the main route between Southport and Ormskirk. I would normally stop, but my head was full of stuff to fix my compu.......


Ugly-old-hag said...

OOOHHHH! Is that the REAL Dave Turley from the radio? I didnt know there were famous people on this thing! Is John Travolta on here? Id like to chat to him! If you see him can you pass the message on please, you probably go to the same parties or chippys or something. Thanks x

Dave Turley said...

Lots of Very Famous people have blogs. I know for a fact Bruce Willis has a blog. I have been looking for Charlie Dimmocks.