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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

National Lemon Meringue Day

One of the many alleged "Perks of the Job" working in radio, is one I shouldn't really share with you.

Almost every day, some poor listener will find themselves being enlightened, entertained or sometimes learning something they never knew before from a very knowledgeable Radio Superstar.

I learnt very early in my radio career that interesting and fascinating things don’t necessarily happen every day, or to be very honest, every week. It is therefore at times (purely for entertainment value or occasionally personal gain) obligatory to tell the odd little white lie.

One of my favourites is to announce fictitious National Days like national Kit Kat Day or National Lemon Meringue Day my favourite.

After Six years at the same station, my listeners have twigged, and what a pleasant surprise today when Stuart ( A Master Baker) of Grayson’s of Ainsdale rang to tell me it was National Lemon Meringue Day and made one especially for me with my initials on it. He even brought my Mum a massive Cream Cake to cheer her up.

How cool is that.!!!!!

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