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Sunday, January 27, 2008

It Never Ends

Again with one thing or another. I have had very little time for my Blog.

For the past few months my Mum has not been in very good health. And to cut a long story short she has been taking more tablets than were good for her and ended up collapsed in a heap with some very nasty bruising.

To get her back on her feet (literally) she was sent for a little restbite while all her drugs were re-assesed.

She was taken to a lovely place that reminded me of a travel lodge (apart from the stink of p*ss)which seemed to disapear within ten minutes or if you stop breathing.

Today I get a call from my Brother. My mum has been robbed, she had all her money taken from her bedside table whilst she slept.

A male member of staff was busy looking in on her every half hour on the night the money dissapeared, asking if she was still having trouble getting to sleep and if she wanted a cup of tea (she never got one)

The last check mum remembers was at five in the morning. A girlie member of staff did bring a cup of tea at Seven O'Clock.

If only the the Male would have spotted who was sneaking around between Five and Seven.

What a shame... Bas**rds

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