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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

First Day Back

It was my first day back in work after a Christmas and New Year break (aren't I lucky)

I don't know whether it was over excitement at the thought of going back to work or just first day nerves (I bet I have forget what all the buttons and faders do). But I found it really hard to get to sleep on Sunday night.

For the last few years "Big Brother" has kept me up till late (not this year.... its s**t)Plus my bed always feels like its got lumps in (until my alarm clock goes off then its the best bed in the world)

Being woke up at about 5AM with a bad case of wind (outside) made me want to roll over and stay put.

However I made the effort and set off to work with my packed lunch and all my show prep (pre done just in case)

As it turned out, I loved it... plus for the first time in all my time at Dune FM The staff had a whip-round and got me a few Birthday Presents (NO CARD)They said I would have nothing to moan about if they got that too.

Pictured with me is our latest competition winner Sue, she is about to start "The Inch-loss Challenge" with gymophobics (A Girly only Gym)

With a bit of luck i will be going there on Wednesday (for research) honest. Good Luck Sue

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