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Sunday, January 06, 2008

At It Again

It would seem that every single time I have a break from work, I get drawn in to a little bit of DIY. (I cant help it... It may be a bad influence from the TV).

During the summer we started on the mammoth task of putting up a new fence in the back garden. After a lot of hard work and a lot of money, the job had to stop. The plan was to wait until This Summer and Finnish it all off then.

This week, for some strange reason we found ourselves counting up how many fence panels it would take to finish off around the back garden. And before we knew it we were on the road to get the stuff in CHEAP in the sales.

(We soon found out that you cant actually buy stuff in the sales that you need or actually want)

To add to this we even had trouble buying the fence panels anyway.

The first thing we tried was to go on-line and buy them (we could have them delivered) BUT NO "not available to order online"

The next day, armed with our List, off we went to B&Q. We made our way to the customer service desk to place our order (we knew exactly what we wanted so knew it Wouldn't take long)

SHOCK HORROR... The customer service desk had been removed (as a cost cutting measure) However, all was not lost because they had installed a button on the wall to press for assistance.

Only trouble being didn't get any assistance. We went to see the Three members of staff who were busy rearranging things in the garden department (well having a meeting about it)but no luck

After a whole hour of button pressing and having "Assistance calls put on the Tanoy" we decided to leave B&Q unable to buy stock they had on display because they had cut staff to save money.

Thanks to the guys at Jewsons for sorting us out.

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