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Thursday, November 30, 2006

EEK Who's Behind The Wheel

Apart from my ever growing hatred of arrogant, blind, bullying and dozy wagon drivers. The thing that scares me the most whilst out and about in my car is the sight of a cap.

They say that the older you get the more infantile you get. Take this as an example, Babies wet their nappies and some old biddies wet their pants. See where I am going.

Some (not all) people, who have a tendency to wear a flat cap also have the tendency to be really crap drivers. And as an advisory warning from me, should be avoided at all cost.

Likewise their younger counterparts, (who also seem to be prone to premature balding too) and after a few bottles of St*lla wetting their pants ( I would imagine) Have took to wearing a slightly more modern version on the flat cap, called a baseball cap.

Once one of these caps is worn in a car seems to turn the wearer into a more confidant but equally as crap driver. And as above should be avoided.

Got stuck behind one for eight miles on my way to work this morning. The other one neally ran into the side of my car because he didnt know what the little white liney things at the T juction were for.

I will leave you to work out which was which.

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