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Friday, September 12, 2008

Angel Child A song For Rhys

Many people know the name Rhys Jones. Rhys was an innocent 11 year old boy who was shot and killed on his way home from football practice in 2007.

Joining me on my show today were the talent behind a brand new Charity Single Angel Child (as pictured above)Jules Burgess-Kennedy and Mike Bradley. Mike's son played football in the same team as Rhys and had watched him play all that season. ANGEL CHILD is fully supported by Rhys Jones parents Steven and Melanie.

The song came about as Mikes way of dealing with Rhys tragic and shocking death. Mike enlisted the help of friends Tony Taylor, David Hyland, and Jules. The Result was Angel Child (Song for Rhys)

All proceeds from the single sales will go to charity which is aiming to build a Community centre in Rhys name. Plus provide funding for various other sporting events and projects nationwide that will benifit children all over the UK.

The Centre will be built close to where Rhys lived and hopes to encourage children to get involved in sport rather than gang culture. "Join a Team not a Gang"

Look out for the CD in TESCO's Woolies HMV or download online. for a preview of the song click on the link or go to

Its a great song by a really nice group of people who its been an honour to meet.

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