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Monday, May 07, 2007

Typical Bank Holiday Weekend

Being a Bank Holiday, forward planing is a must. One of the perks of working at a Radio Station, is that you can get the weather forecast in advance for the whole weekend.

The forecast I managed to get, informed me of a super weekend until Monday. Armed with this privileged information, it was off to the shops to stock up on Bank Holiday Beer and BBQ stuff.

The Plan was BBQ on Sunday. and a nice Sunday lunch on Monday. (cool eh)
As we have come to expect, the weather forecast turned out to be a complete load of cack.

Saturday was spent picking the most expensive bricks on the planet for our garden wall. We were assured that they were top quality, and even suitable for building a nuclear fall out shelter. (we only wanted them cos the colour matched our remaining gate post)

Even as the temperature reached above 95 degrees, the other job of digging out the footings for the wall had to go ahead, to make lots of eating and drinking time.

Come Sunday, within seconds of digging the BBQ out of the garage, the sky turned a strange shade of ..... lets say ..... errrrrrmmmmmm BLACK.

If you have bought any meat from a supermarket recently, you will know that it has to be consumed within hours of purchase, otherwise that too changes colour, to a shade of genetic Green. So The BBQ had to go ahead, regardless of the rain, which, by this time was dancing six inches back up from the ground.

Lighting the BBQ inside the garage, isn't ideal, but at least I got the job done. My eyes got so much smoke in them, its took me till today to find my laptop, so I could complain about it.

I would have posted a picture showing me and the BBQ but all you can see on the photo was smoke.


Lloydd said...

Given the name of your station- have you seen the film Dune? I have rented it out and plan to watch it tomorrow. All I know, is that it's got Sting in it.

Dave Turley said...

How strange.... I must get around to watching that to Lloyd.

And maybe I should update my blog.